Stalkers Day Is Near!

Happy Valentine’s…em…Stalker’s Day!

Blackbird's Nest

Before I go on with what I have to say, I’m sorry I’ve been kind of absent. Been caught up in watching the Carnaval festivities and as of yesterday I’ve been working on this bit of writing that’s… Kind of consuming my thoughts. ^^”

Also, I made this and I really like how it turned out, so I’m gonna show it off:

Nooow… Stalkers’ Day! Wooohooo!

Are you guys excited? I’m excited!

Wifey and I think we can actually hijack the date from Valentine’s Day if we gather enough support, so if you guys want to help us out, spread the word!

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Romance Roleplays (And Why They Usually Suck)

Blackbird's Nest

To those of you who have or do practice forum roleplaying as a hobby, tell me: how comfortable are you writing romance with another person’s character? When I say romance, mind you, I’m not talking strictly romance scenes. Not strictly kissing, romantic displays and, let’s say it comes to that, sex… I’m talking writing a relationship.

I was not, and am not, very comfortable.

Strange considering that I have been doing that for a while now. Ess and Luckas are in a relationship; one can argue about the nature of said relationship, but the point remains. And the point, I believe is just that; building a relationship takes an amount of time most roleplayers don’t want to commit to. People don’t bare their souls to one another within days of knowing each other, but for a roleplay based solely around that premise, RPers often cut on that precious build up…

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