Sharing A Smile or Two…

I am a fan of an assortment of comedy and because I shared some Dane in the post I did on my friend’s blog, I decided to post some more Dane. Maybe this gives you a smile or two on what would otherwise be a rather shitty day. Enjoy!


Sentencing A Character To Death…

Hanging out and house sitting my friend’s blog for a week, so reblogging what I am up to.

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In writing, sometimes a death is planned and other times the character’s choices decide this for them. A fellow writer will understand this, but for those of you who are simply readers, I’ll explain.

As a writer, we want readers or gamers to question the actions of our characters; which we occasionally  give answers to so one can understand how and why they reached whatever conclusion befalls them.  Simple human behavior. Makes sense, right? Building a connection that strings you along in the story, is of course, our lifeline. Someone could have a great idea for a story, but if we can’t get someone beyond ourselves (as the writer) to care about those characters who struggle, then the reader won’t join in on their travels. At the same time, if the characters are interesting but the story is lacking, then the reader can still loose interest. It’s a lot of pressure…

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To Slay a Shadow

The brighter the light, the darker the shadow we cast. That darkness can not be avoided, only embraced as it will never stop stalking us day in and day out. When the light is extinguished, some fear that abyss consuming them in their blindness, but only if they choose to keep their eyes closed to what lays before them. Some believe that their obscured twin may even leave them in that crepuscule, but one can not incinerate what will always remain a part of us. Embracing those demons doesn’t just help us understand our own, but in doing so, enlightens us to the world’s best kept secrets. In turn, we then see ourselves in our worst enemy while barely recognizing our best friend. Perhaps then, the enemy transforms to our closest ally. We can then envelop compassion, forgiveness and project empathy to those who lack it.

My Shadow: I can feel his eyes upon my soul, reaching out to graze my skin, his icy breath upon my neck. I question his closeness but fear his distance. All those casted within my shadow will envy me from afar and die within his arms.

~~Written contemplation as Essence Talon, Shadows Of The Forgotten~~

This was just something that flooded my mind after reading OM’s blog post. Thanks for the writing prompt, so to speak. ^.^

A Boy and His Puppy

Love the adorable wolf pups from Shadows of the Forgotten.

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Sarah reblogged the bit I wrote with Luckas and his wolf companion a little while back (assuming it had something to do with me randomly posting it to Google +) last night and rereading it made me realize I never really talked about Stalker very much; or any of the wolves in our story.

Stalker, as well as his brothers and sisters, was born from Ess’ wolf companion Tala and the Guard’s (technically, although he’s the appointed protector of one specific child in the camp) wolfhound, Puppy. They are much larger than a normal wolf would be and even though Stalker is the runt of the litter he is still quite an impressive animal.

Stalker is Luke’s best friend, protector, hunting buddy, and the receiver of about 90% of all his affectionate gestures. Seriously, he has trouble touching Ess’ hand, but he’ll snuggle the shit out of that wolf. He…

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Playing Fetch

I am reblogging this because I adore it! Here’s an example of Luckas and his furry wolf companion. Enjoy! Give lots of love to it’s owner please. All likes should go to her page. Or leave a comment at Blackbird’s Nest.

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“Don’t move.”A sharp voice spoke behind Luckas in the silent forest. He could feel cold metal poke the back of his neck menacingly.

Luckas disobeyed, turning his head slightly to glance at the man. “I’m sorry, mister… I’m just looking for my puppy… Have you seen him around? He’s black and fluffy… Loves to hide the little bugger. I completely lost track of him.”

“I said, don’t move!” The guy repeated, poking Luckas harder with the blade and nicking his skin.

“Oow… Was that really necessary!?” Luckas complained. “Look, just tell me if you saw him or not and I’ll be one my w-… Are those wolf traps in that box over there?” He asked, pointing at the crate near the man’s makeshift tent. “You know that hunting wolves in these woods is forbidden, right? You might get in trouble, I don’t think you’d enjoy that.”

“What are you, one…

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Oh, Aiden..he’s not a bad guy..he’s…He develops feelings for Ess which she can’t return. Plain and simple. Even though at times she wishes she could. *sigh* Things get pretty hairy later on, but we can’t post that yet because it hasn’t been posted int he RP. Tala is awesome. Just saying. Awesome wolfies who has massive hybrid puppies, like giant plushies! *squees* Anywho, enjoy the exchange below between Luckas and Aiden. I know I always do. ^.^

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Sooo, on my last Ess-Lukey post I said I might talk about Aiden at a later date and, since I’m really just tired as hell tonight and just want to copy/paste things, I thought it might be nice to post his first interaction with Luckas and how well that went (it reallly didn’t go very well).

For context, this is the first time Luke sees Aiden talking to Ess:

Ess wasn’t hard to find either; Luke was really not surprised to find she’d settled underneath an oak tree, it was the kind of thing she’d do. Why, he’d never really understand. At the moment he was standing in the shadows, out of sight, he had been standing there for a bit, as a matter of fact, watching the activity of the camp from a far and waiting for her to show up. His eyes were no longer on Ess, however…

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Lines Crossed

I love Camila for posting this! This was a blast to write and I think others can enjoy this scene and appreciate the emotion behind it. Please like her page because she is amazing and all inspiring. I’m serious. =.= Or I’ll sick Ess plushie after you. Watch out for the tiny knives…<.<

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You guys remember me mentioning a couple of times that Ess broke a chair on Luckas and that he totally deserved it? Well, this is the reason why I say he deserved it… See if you can identify the exact moment when he crossed the line.


Ess had been leaning over the rope rails of the bridge, staring down at the icy river flowing below, lost in thought, when a familiar bark echoed down the path. “There you are Tala…” She whispered to herself, pushing off from the rope and trotting towards the sound, braided ponytail bouncing along one shoulder to the next. Tucking her bottom lip behind her top teeth, Essence let a whistle ring out in a series of echoes, moments later Tala responding in her own pattern of barks. Smiling, she turned the corner and paused, leaning back against a thick pine as Tala meandered her…

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10 Minute Self-Assessment

My turn! Ten minutes goes by fast… >.> As Bird did in the exercise, I will write whatever comes to mind for ten minutes. And Go!

{Does the sound of rainfall give you chills or cause you to perspire? Knowing rain can come at most temperatures, in liquid form in particular, doesn’t change the fact I associate it with decreasing my internal core. Starting from my spine, rolling off my shoulders, ripples fluctuate over the top of my head as if trying to escape and transform into something else. My favorite is when that feeling can be visualized as steam rising off of my hair, the air around me dropping significantly in temperature, arriving almost in unison with the raindrops. Sometimes just before the first icey drops send goosebumps down my arms, several long strands of my hair will start to rise from the static, claps of thunder igniting my wonder and slight insanity that I’m out in a thunderstorm, happily ready to experience lightning first hand. Luckily I am still left wanting, but nevertheless my appreciation for nature’s show does not decrease with time. The sound of rain is accompanied by the echoes off the rooftops, the smell of moisture heavy in the air even before it hits the pavement, giving the illusion to me that rain has a smell. Still, even in the heat, I tremble in shivers, my first thought to make a cup of cocoa or tea and sit by a wood fire. My favorite perfume is from the grey smoke encompassing me in a sweet blanket of musks, depending on the type of wood that is converted to ash. Ever create pictures on your jeans with the remanence of fire? Soot and ash turned into a charcoal fantasy that can be easily wiped away by a breeze or a few drops of nature’s tears.}

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I did something right now that I never do. Well, not never, I’ve done it, but not in a very long time. When I saw the free write prompt, I immediately pushed past the urge to do it; because I don’t like to write with restrictions, be it of time or word count… I’ve done it, but I don’t like it. Hours passed and the urge came back. So I said ‘fuck it’, set a timer, tried to shut off my brain and just write whatever for ten minutes. So, yaaay, here’s some random:

I am never completely sure of anything. I’m only about 90% sure that I’m real, that my fingers can feel the keys, that my eyes can see the letters forming on the screen before me as I type. I’m only about 80% sure of my own humanity and only about 10% sure that I even…

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