The Author’s True Identity…

Hello World

My name is Sarah, I live in the United States (New England to be a bit more accurate), I was born March 7th, 1984 and I have one older brother. Those are the basics I guess. I married one of my best friend’s  brother June 2012 at a Renaissance Fair and recently I have been going through the process of divorce.  Depending on who you ask though, some may say I have multiple spouses, since my best buddies/girlfriends that are just as emotionally close to me as my husband is, have been caught calling themselves my wife. They know who they are and yes I have been known to call one of them my wife in return.

My family consists of my parents, my brother and his wife and son, and I feel the only family I have from my previous marriage would be my ‘niece’ Hazel. There are also my furry companions that I could not live without, Buddie the lab, Lily (evil cute cat of satan), and our adopted kitten/cat who has an identity crisis because we could never decide on a name for her. She started out as Reese. Officially Reese Peanut Butter Cup. On paper, she is Peanut. When she is in heat, she is Whore or slut. I tend to spontaneously develop turrets. Something to that accord, but now she is simply “The Fluff”. I think it’s obvious to why we call her that.-EDIT: Fluff escaped out the living room window, not to be seen again. Since then I adopted Eve, a tailless bunny nub kittie with puss n boot green eyes. She loves to snuggle and is quite a talker.

I work from home doing customer care for a furniture company. I wouldn’t complain, especially since it’s good benefits, decent pay, and I’m given the resources to work from home, but customer service really blows. I have gone to college about three different times now and usually, there’s some sort of financial or mental issue that interferes with me finishing. I don’t have as many distractions and obstacles now, thankfully, such is  life, but the money thing does bring up issues. Not to mention what I’d really like to do is write but I may have to settle for writing on my own time to keep me sane and finding another job that doesn’t make me hate the  human race on a daily basis. Perhaps I should work with animals. We will see.

I love rock/alternative/metal music. I am obsessed with most things based on real life (not reality shows *gag*), good action/fantasy movies or shows and books.

TV show examples: Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Walking Dead ( I do have my favorites that are no longer, such as Roseanne, Dexter, Spartacus)

Bands and movies I’ll just post songs or reviews as they come, that can get drawn out listing those and complicated, so I won’t bother.

I am not really sure what else to note here and now I kind of feel like I’m on some weird dating show and need to specify my likes, dislikes, pros/cons of me…eh..

I honestly have never done the blog thing before and have a couple friends of mine who are into this and was referred to this site, so here I am. I do work with some wonderfully talented and creative people on another site where we work together to create an original fantasy based story. I believe it’s considered text-based role playing, but I couldn’t have joined up with a better group of people. The Link is on the bottom of my page but here it is again. Not to brag but we are in the top ten lists on the main page, but do check out some of the other popular stories on there. There is hidden talent everywhere. I also will be continuing to work to make that story: Shadows of the Forgotten, into a graphic audio book of sorts. I tried time and time again to understand how this program and gear i purchased for hundreds of dollars, works, but alas, it will probably just end up taking up space in my closet because I lack the mentality to understand most things electronic. No one is perfect. 😛


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