Romance Roleplays (And Why They Usually Suck)

Blackbird's Nest

To those of you who have or do practice forum roleplaying as a hobby, tell me: how comfortable are you writing romance with another person’s character? When I say romance, mind you, I’m not talking strictly romance scenes. Not strictly kissing, romantic displays and, let’s say it comes to that, sex… I’m talking writing a relationship.

I was not, and am not, very comfortable.

Strange considering that I have been doing that for a while now. Ess and Luckas are in a relationship; one can argue about the nature of said relationship, but the point remains. And the point, I believe is just that; building a relationship takes an amount of time most roleplayers don’t want to commit to. People don’t bare their souls to one another within days of knowing each other, but for a roleplay based solely around that premise, RPers often cut on that precious build up…

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