They’re At It Again!

Love it! Love it!

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This Never Gets Old…

This has been viral around the net for some time now, but each time someone posts it on Facebook or it pops up somewhere random, I ALWAYS listen. We need more moments like these in this world. Through writing, music, or even silence, more people need to focus on the beauty of life and not drown in the negativity. 



Sentencing A Character To Death…

Hanging out and house sitting my friend’s blog for a week, so reblogging what I am up to.

Blackbird's Nest

In writing, sometimes a death is planned and other times the character’s choices decide this for them. A fellow writer will understand this, but for those of you who are simply readers, I’ll explain.

As a writer, we want readers or gamers to question the actions of our characters; which we occasionally  give answers to so one can understand how and why they reached whatever conclusion befalls them.  Simple human behavior. Makes sense, right? Building a connection that strings you along in the story, is of course, our lifeline. Someone could have a great idea for a story, but if we can’t get someone beyond ourselves (as the writer) to care about those characters who struggle, then the reader won’t join in on their travels. At the same time, if the characters are interesting but the story is lacking, then the reader can still loose interest. It’s a lot of pressure…

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