I Couldn’t Make This Up, IF I Wanted Too…

*Takes out pad of paper and pen, absently glancing at the clock.* Nice to see you again. Now that our session has begun, tell me what you see there? Is half the world just dirty and undignified or were the employees really that blind or uncaring to what this toy resembles? Seriously?! Seriously…

Here’s a thought as well. Aren’t the boxes depicted with images of what is INSIDE the box?

Hey! EVERYONE makes the reference, and it was MY TURN damn it. >.> (If you don’t know the reference…walk away…just walk away…AND GO SEE SEVEN. Warning, many things in that movie are considered disturbing and twisted. ENJOY!)

Where was I? Oh yes. Parents who complained about Play-doh and what was inside that box, should have taken the time to actually look at it and I’m sure it could be seen what was included. Like most of the population, no one reads what they are signing or the directions, or warning labels and then proceed to sue everyone who has pissed them off. God Bless America. Pfft. (My understanding is there are no lawsuits…yet.)

Thoughts? Personally I think the employees at Play-doh knew better but just wanted to point and laugh. I mean, really. The person who thought that would be a safe and fun toy for children must have been on drugs. And THAT is me being nice.

By the way, here’s the article.