Love And Hate World Building

There’s this brick wall that exists inside my head from time to time. Usually it appears when anything more complicated than simple math is involved. I hate math and i don’t understand how I ever got through it. I’ve always been an English/Literature or History gal. That brick wall is the best way to describe the way my  mind goes blank and I feel stuck as if I literally am sinking and can not move forward. I will stare into nothingness, beyond the inanimate object before me for hours getting nowhere just trying to get that one spark that will set the rest into motion.

Lately I suffer this writers block and have taken the time to distract myself from it with life, books, movies/television, family, hobbies, but still I can’t knock down this wall. Usually for me the bits of inspiration arrives in spurts or flashes, such as that place between dreaming and awake. That is always the worse because you can never write it down. Driving usually it comes to me and then I have to try to record the idea onto my phone. Music is a large motivator in my writing, but what can I do when I temporarily stop caring about it?

So, therein lies my dilemma. I have this idea, which I’ve had for some years, for a series. I finally started to sit down and list off what I could for plot points, characters I have thought of so far, and of course the exciting world building. I started with generators for a map and that helped to give me some ideas, but that wall is still there, just with a few bricks missing so some light shines through.


Beginning Of My World.


I still am missing some key plot points, which I am told will come to me, but I feel lost and a bit discouraged. I know I shouldn’t doubt myself, because this is all apart of the process, but I still do. I’d like to believe writing is something I’m pretty good at when I get going; that and wood burning, but my talents are few. Some of My favorite pieces so far are the Dragon for my sister in law and the Wolf I sent to Camila.

Still, I will keep my eyes open and try to pay attention to the world so not to miss my key moments of inspiration.


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