Stalkers Anonymous

I’m going to take this opportunity to explain things as they happened and not as a colorful, creative writing example. The following is taken directly from the voice in my head, that is my consciousness, while looking at this photo. Such Irony isn’t it? Here’s some music to get you in the zone. Thank you Camila for introducing me to this song. *winks*

“So…I have a magnet on my fridge.. that says ‘I’m Not A Stalker’..”  (actual picture below)


“…And I went to drop a friend…well bring a friend, to go get a tattoo for a charity. Save the Animals!” *squees and mutters in baby voice* “Save Doggies. Ehem..and I get out of the car..out of the truck..and I find a car that has the SAME magnet/sticker on it as I do at home.”


“The little things excite me, so I yell,YEEES! Must… take… picture! I MUST have it.’ And nobody I’m with thinks it’s weird that I’m taking a picture of someone’s car. I mean, we have all seen something funny or cool and done it or wish we had a camera to do it. Right, soooo look at the picture above. See the irony in it? Please tell me you do? I’ll give you a minute.” *Actually waits maybe five seconds* “Do you see the irony in the picture? Waaait for it…Do you see it? I hope you see it by now, I mean you BETTER see it by now. Above the words ‘I’m Not A Stalker’, there’s a reflection of ME, holding the camera, taking the said picture of this person’s car and you can kind of see inside this person’s car but I didn’t realize that or was paying attention to that fact while I was taking the picture. The Irony is that I am really not a stalker but it looks like I am some crazy person stalking this poor soul’s car.” *sigh* “You believe me right? That I’m really not a stalker?” *giggles* “Seriously, you believe me right?…Hello…?” O.O


No this wasn’t some random Stalker’s anonymous meeting, even though that should be some kind of prize the person gets for one of the twelve steps in that program, no? Turns out too, to make it even more amusing, at least to me, is that the person who gave my friend the tattoo, that was her car. I swear that was the first time EVER seeing this girl! Who was pretty  cool by the way, but no way would I obsess enough to get a van involved. I mean seriously, isn’t that more reserved for like Corey Taylor or Norman Reedus? Kidding. >.>


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