Playing Fetch

I am reblogging this because I adore it! Here’s an example of Luckas and his furry wolf companion. Enjoy! Give lots of love to it’s owner please. All likes should go to her page. Or leave a comment at Blackbird’s Nest.

Blackbird's Nest

“Don’t move.”A sharp voice spoke behind Luckas in the silent forest. He could feel cold metal poke the back of his neck menacingly.

Luckas disobeyed, turning his head slightly to glance at the man. “I’m sorry, mister… I’m just looking for my puppy… Have you seen him around? He’s black and fluffy… Loves to hide the little bugger. I completely lost track of him.”

“I said, don’t move!” The guy repeated, poking Luckas harder with the blade and nicking his skin.

“Oow… Was that really necessary!?” Luckas complained. “Look, just tell me if you saw him or not and I’ll be one my w-… Are those wolf traps in that box over there?” He asked, pointing at the crate near the man’s makeshift tent. “You know that hunting wolves in these woods is forbidden, right? You might get in trouble, I don’t think you’d enjoy that.”

“What are you, one…

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