A Boy and His Puppy

Love the adorable wolf pups from Shadows of the Forgotten.

Blackbird's Nest

Sarah reblogged the bit I wrote with Luckas and his wolf companion a little while back (assuming it had something to do with me randomly posting it to Google +) last night and rereading it made me realize I never really talked about Stalker very much; or any of the wolves in our story.

Stalker, as well as his brothers and sisters, was born from Ess’ wolf companion Tala and the Guard’s (technically, although he’s the appointed protector of one specific child in the camp) wolfhound, Puppy. They are much larger than a normal wolf would be and even though Stalker is the runt of the litter he is still quite an impressive animal.

Stalker is Luke’s best friend, protector, hunting buddy, and the receiver of about 90% of all his affectionate gestures. Seriously, he has trouble touching Ess’ hand, but he’ll snuggle the shit out of that wolf. He…

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