Oh, Aiden..he’s not a bad guy..he’s…He develops feelings for Ess which she can’t return. Plain and simple. Even though at times she wishes she could. *sigh* Things get pretty hairy later on, but we can’t post that yet because it hasn’t been posted int he RP. Tala is awesome. Just saying. Awesome wolfies who has massive hybrid puppies, like giant plushies! *squees* Anywho, enjoy the exchange below between Luckas and Aiden. I know I always do. ^.^

Blackbird's Nest

Sooo, on my last Ess-Lukey post I said I might talk about Aiden at a later date and, since I’m really just tired as hell tonight and just want to copy/paste things, I thought it might be nice to post his first interaction with Luckas and how well that went (it reallly didn’t go very well).

For context, this is the first time Luke sees Aiden talking to Ess:

Ess wasn’t hard to find either; Luke was really not surprised to find she’d settled underneath an oak tree, it was the kind of thing she’d do. Why, he’d never really understand. At the moment he was standing in the shadows, out of sight, he had been standing there for a bit, as a matter of fact, watching the activity of the camp from a far and waiting for her to show up. His eyes were no longer on Ess, however…

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