Customer Service: Apparently We Are Nazis

Let me just start out by adding a tiny disclaimer for any trolls out there who want to insult me for comparing and using the term Nazis. Yes I understand we are not really Nazis but apparently there are psychopath people out there, who, no joke, treat us as if we have eradicated their family or performed genocide on a minority. I’m not exaggerating and this guy’s editorial of sorts, gets it right. So RIGHT! Please Read Matt Walsh’s Blog and if you haven’t already. at least read this.

So, the point I was making is, people really don’t have their priorities straight. I work in customer care and I deal with it on a daily basis. I am judged as an idiot because I don’t have a different job, as if I can not achieve a higher grade job. Also because people on the phones only hear a voice, they don’t associate that person on the other line as a person, so they can treat them however they want apparently and feel there should be no consequences. Well guess what, because of this job where I get death threats because there’s a scratch on someone’s chair, I probably get paid more than you for someone who does not have a college degree. I make more than minimum wage and have benefits, where most of my customer base may not and treat me like I’m a crack whore on welfare. I am not a druggie but hey, I had to live on food stamps for a while and I don’t knock it. Hard times are hard times, but the point I’m making is, I am not useless.

I have heard of police being called over complaints because customers can’t get their way and I’m not talking about even reasonable demands. I’m talking about things like someone had a mattress delivered over a year ago and finds out one day they have bed bugs, automatically blaming us because nothing else in this world could possible cause such a thing. Guess what? Bed bugs can latch onto you, animals, and are commonly found in hotels/motels and most people find infestations after travel and warm weather. Look it up. Shit happens, it doesn’t mean you’re a filthy person (although sometimes you are), it just means BUGS exist even when I wish at times they didn’t. Don’t threaten my intelligence, don’t threaten my life especially when I am the one with your name, address, phone number in front of me. Lets not even joke about other crazy stalkers in this world, I can simply contact the police with all your information. How stupid are you people? I take it, I bite my lip unless you threaten me and still I politely and sternly tell you to silence yourself and if you want my help you will treat me with respect if you want respect in return. Didn’t your mommy teach you that in elementary school?

Anyways, the blog above, the article, clearly depicts another customer’s observation on a crazy woman bitching and moaning about how there is ketchup on her burger that she did not want. O.k. Fine, but did you need to act like a complete crazy bitch? They were going to help you but apparently you found it necessary to berate someone and treat them like they are nothing when they probably have a higher IQ than you. Rule of thumb if you want your way, you can put up a fight but the moment you start being a malicious prick, is the moment we stop caring at Customer Care in any profession. Honest and simple. If you’re nice, we bend over backwards to help you and give you things maybe that is not completely in company policy. Who knows. But seriously, get your priorities straight and get a life. Whatever is going on in your world, stop taking it out on honest, hard working people. One day you may not be so lucky and get a disgruntled postal worker who takes you away form this world. It’s not a threat, it’s a fact. Crazy attracts crazy.

There will be those of you who ask, “Why doesn’t she change jobs?” Have you seen the job market, where more than half the jobs in this economy now have to do with customer service in one form or another. People are everywhere and it shouldn’t be assumed it’s just fast food or restaurant based. But if I ever saw someone treated poorly especially over food, I would not stay quiet. Have you seen this video? It’s real, true story. This woman went nuts because she couldn’t get her chicken nuggets while breakfast was still being served and attacked the workers. Pathetic. Was she on some serious drugs? I think so. She is facing charges for two assault charges and vandalism. Big surprise.


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