Lines Crossed

I love Camila for posting this! This was a blast to write and I think others can enjoy this scene and appreciate the emotion behind it. Please like her page because she is amazing and all inspiring. I’m serious. =.= Or I’ll sick Ess plushie after you. Watch out for the tiny knives…<.<

Blackbird's Nest

You guys remember me mentioning a couple of times that Ess broke a chair on Luckas and that he totally deserved it? Well, this is the reason why I say he deserved it… See if you can identify the exact moment when he crossed the line.


Ess had been leaning over the rope rails of the bridge, staring down at the icy river flowing below, lost in thought, when a familiar bark echoed down the path. “There you are Tala…” She whispered to herself, pushing off from the rope and trotting towards the sound, braided ponytail bouncing along one shoulder to the next. Tucking her bottom lip behind her top teeth, Essence let a whistle ring out in a series of echoes, moments later Tala responding in her own pattern of barks. Smiling, she turned the corner and paused, leaning back against a thick pine as Tala meandered her…

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