Commissioned Drawing of Essence


Essence-skt-s Essence-2

All Artistic Credit goes to Adele Lorienne! Please visit her amazing work on 

I can not express enough my satisfaction and excitement with how she brought my Character to life. I’m feeling a bit Nostalgic so I will post here my very first Character post with Essence I did on Shadows of the Forgotten.

A forlorn howl haunted the starry sky as the lustrous moon rose slightly over the lower city. Essence gave a tiny smirk at the
sound, her fingers quickly lacing up her bodice. She closed her violet orbs, breathing deeply as she listened to the call echo
through the streets. Opening her eyes she watched one of her regulars step into his boots and make his way out the door. Ess
quitely followed the man she liked to call “Timid”, or Tim as she never used her customer’s real names. It was all part of the the
Illusion sometimes. That, and not all her entertainment was something to be mentioned in public. Most of these were high class
gentlemen who either came to Ess for an escape from their lives temporarily, or sometimes just a pretty face to hang on their arm
for the night. Ess wasn’t mindless and did know how to carry on meaningful conversations, which made her interesting and worth
the top dollar she charged for her services. This strategy of having a low amount of high paying patrons, gave her more free time
while making quite the profit. An additional perk is knowing your customer is not diseased and their history, also in return makes Ess more valuable.

Ess paused in the doorway, looking after Tim as he turned back towards her.

“Ess, why won’t you just run away with me? I could take care of you.” He promised.

Essence gave a short laugh, shaking her head. “For a few reasons, darlin’. One, I don’t get romantically involved with customers..
or anyone for that matter…Two…” She winked. “My other customers would be so heartbroken.”

Tim took a step forward, as if about to argue as she gave her next reason. Her stare got serious, violet eyes
glowing brighter than before as her soft voice took on a bitter edge.

“Three…You don’t even know who I am or what I really look like.”

Tim lowered his head, as if ashamed. “I won’t give up,” he whispered. With that he spun on his heels and disappeared into the

‘Maybe it’s time for Mr. Timid to find another “girlfriend”‘, Ess thought. Absently, her hand wiped at her runny nose. Feeling
a bit woozy, she took out a small mirror and looked into the reflection of a total stranger. Yes she saw her eyes, but she
had the darker skin of someone who worked the fields all day, with streaks of straight, golden hair. Glancing at her finger she
gave an annoyed growl at the blood. She stared for a long time into her purple irises ignoring the cold of winter, her breath
fogging up her tiny mirror. When she wiped it clear, her pale skin had returned, the ugly scar that seemed to extend her left eye,
along with her long burgandy curls.

“And they say blonds have all the fun..” Ess pulled out a handkerchief and began blotting her nose until she no longer bled.
Looking up at the moon, her eyes glistened in it’s reflection. Again, the howl came except closer this time. Placing the
handkerchief underneath her bodice, she pursed her lush lips together. Escaping her was an unexpected high piercing whistle
that extended for about fifteen seconds. After a moment she could hear the burdened breathing of a creature running full speed,
paws dancing silently across the snow.

The sound paused as a grey-silver lined wolf stepped out into the moonlight. Her blue eyes sparkled like saphires where she
presumed to sit her hind against the snow. Hanging from her mouth, looked like the remains of a rat of some sorts.

“Is the menu of the city getting you down again girl?” Ess laughed.

The wolf whined for a moment, gulping down the rest of her dinner and barked.

Ess squatted down extending her hand towards the wolf. “Tala, come.”She commanded. “I promise tomorrow, if the weather permits, we
shall go visit the forest. ….”She sighed as the wolf padded towards her. “I kinda miss it too..”

Tala began to cover Ess’s face in kisses, as her arms clutched almost desperatly at the wolf in an embrace. Her fur was warm,
un-naturally soft for a wild animal, so much that Ess wished she had a blanket made of it.. She belted out a random chuckle at
herself, knowing she wouldn’t make a pelt out of Tala for anything.

She stood up, turning sideways to let the wolf into her home as she followed Tala inside. Adding another log to her fire, Ess
cleaned herself up with lavender scented water, dabbing a little on Tala for fun. The wolf gave an exasperate huff and lyed down
beside the fire.

“What? You don’t want to smell puuurty?” Ess teased.

Tala seemed to ignore her as Ess clasped her velvet cape around her hour-glass form.
“No time for a nap now Tala dear…Momma needs to find a new teacher.” she mused.

Tala groaned as she arched her back in a long stretch. Ess tended to bring Tala with her everywhere she went, even if she didn’t
want her to go along, as Tala is a very independent and intelligent creature. One that Ess has had by her side for over eight years,
after she arrived some time ago in Newhaven. Tala did what she wanted and went where she pleased.

‘Almost fifteen years now since Blackpond.’ She remembered to herself, shuddering at the memory.

Ess inattentively twiddled her fingers along the hilt of a dagger, spinning it between her fingertips to bring it home beside
her pale skin, adjusting her laces tighter to her bodice. She was thinking of visiting the tavern again, perhaps she would run
into someone who wouldn’t mind teaching her a few more things with a sword. Until she felt confident with that weapon, she
wouldn’t dare to attempt to carry it by her side. That kind of illusion may just get her into too much trouble.

Essence would go as herself tonight, since she is not looking for any more work this evening. Besides, her bleeds were coming
more frequent and she couldn’t afford to be confined to a bed again. Swift and soundless her foot steps fell, extinquishing
all candles around her home so that only the dying fire’s coals gave some direction. Swinging the front door open, Tala
instantly rushed forward, almost knocking Ess off her feet.

“Really, Tala?” she scoffed. “I thought you didn’t want to go?”

Tala ignored Ess as she locked up, continuing forward, her nose casually sniffing the ground here and there. The wolf paused,
her head snapping to attention, ears perked high only to flatten back. Ess stepped beside Tala and cocked her head curiously
at her friend. As if the wolf forgot what she was focusing on, her ears fluffed back to alert and began leading Ess further
into town, the scent of blood growing stronger as they moved closer to the tavern.


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