My Friend Camila took the next step in the short story, ‘Ghosts’. Enjoy!

Blackbird's Nest

My friend Sarah said I could sic Luckas on this lady from her story, so I have… Sort of. *smirks*

This post in a response to her story: Ghosts


“Why did you stop?” The woman questioned. “We were just getting to the good part.” Her tone was soft, nearly sweet, sickening sweet. “Are you afraid of what comes next?”

Green specks of light slowly faded into absolute black, Luckas closed his eyes for a moment while the visions of her past faded from his sight. At first ignoring the woman’s questioning he stood from his seat, dipping his hand into his pocket and quickly swallowing the contents of a vial kept within. “I need a small break, I’m not the kid I used to be it seems.” He muttered finally, leaning against the open window and taking a long glance at the white specs that added to the fluffy…

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